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Sound and work better with us<br />

Sound and work better with us

Beltiston is a boutique manufacturing studio of acoustical & interior products that possesses the skills to create original and bespoke solutions. With our mission to create better sounding and functional solutions and products, Beltiston constantly listens to our clients, maintains accountability while involving them throughout the whole process while adopting innovative practices and processes to meet our clients’ requirements that complies with industry standard.

Our mission grew from our clients’ need to produce original and bespoke solutions that will assist and help them bridge the gap between design, function and ease of application without compromising on functionality, performance and aesthetics, while always taking cost into consideration. 

Driven by the passion to solve the challenges faced by our clients in the area of building acoustics, soundproofing and interior applications, Beltiston continuously re-invent our processes and skillsets. Our in-house design, R&D and machining studio welcome collaborations with talented design professionals, like-minded individuals and companies to develop new application ideas and products that achieve both sustainability and comfort.

Manufacturing Studio<br />

Manufacturing Studio

Looking from the outside, our production facility looks like any other building in the neighbourhood.  But once you step inside, you will be welcomed into a world of innovation and imagination, a world where you get to experience and witness ideas and designs coming to life.

At Beltiston, we focus on making products that are designed to work and to serve different functions through a balanced mix of advanced computer aided design / manufacturing, digital fabrication and craftsmanship. We believe in balancing aesthetic, functionality, performance and ease of applications in the products we make by applying sustainable materials and innovative fixing methods. To do these, we have to design, make, fail and explore multiple times while not forgetting enjoying and playing with them throughout the process. 

Despite having the passion and skillset, we do, at many times face challenges and not every product experiment we make, makes it to our client’s product line. The truth is, the process of making an acoustic or an interior product differs greatly from that of making a decorative panel for aesthetical purposes. The work required are more rigorous and complex, and requiring a much keener eye, ear and sets of hands for details. Our product design team are constantly innovating to meet new challenges especially when a new fabric, core material or fixing system is introduced as they will have to re-evaluate the formula to achieve aesthetic, function and acoustical performance from scratch. Once the formula is out, our planning and production team have to find the best possible way to produce without compromising quality while not forgetting sustainability. Here, the work is both an art and a skill.

With the thousands of meters and cubic meter of materials used, it is inevitable to avoid waste materials but in order to achieve sustainability, our facility have implemented the recycling of materials. For example, foams are recycled for use in our panels or upcycled as packing materials.
Despite the challenges we faced, with a shared passion for developing and making functional acoustic and interior products that are easy to apply, we strive to achieve to make your life easier.