Redefining spaces with aesthetic
and functional solutions

Beltiston is a design-led boutique manufacturing studio that specialises in bespoke woodwork, fine furniture, and acoustic solutions meant to remodel your commercial or residential spaces.

Our Approach

We enter to elevate your space by addressing every visual detail together with sound and noise control. By blending old-school craftsmanship with modern machinery, we can transform your space to stand out and work for you.

The eyes
of a designer 
The ears
of an acoustics expert 
The hands
of a craftsman 

Fully Equipped with Internal Departments

With everything from ideation to the final installation, we’ve created an efficient end-to-end pipeline that is incomparable in the industry. Expect a quick turnaround and cost-efficiency.

Our Products

Beltiston Originals


Carpentry & Design

Custom in-house woodwork above the market standard.


Versatile and Functional

An acoustic material meant to add design and personality to your space.


Sustainable and Efficient

An alternative acoustic option that is both functional and aesthetic.


Flexible and Innovative

An acoustic option that evokes a sense of classiness and nature.

With over 10,000 projects

under our belt, we have consistently challenge the mould and produced custom-made solutions suited for our clients’ needs.