The carpentry arm of Beltiston


    Custom woodwork above the market standard


    Corporate offices or private residential spaces


    Complete in-house design and production teams

Specialising in mid to high-level carpentry, we work with like-minded individuals to design and produce furniture, complete room units and unique woodwork projects. 

Bespoke Creations

BelConcept can customise designs to fit your space, create solutions to solve your problems and even personalise the entirety to a theme of your choice.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, we are committed to constructing a unique key to unlock the full potential of the space and transform it into an exceptional experience.

  • Commercial Project
  • Residential Project
  • Commercial Project
  • Residential Project
  • Commercial Project
  • Commercial Project
  • Commercial Project
  • Commercial Project

Merging your desires with aesthetic, function and quality

Rather than what you can do for a space, we seek for what the space can do for you. We actualise visions— your vision beyond the standard. At Beltiston, everything is done in-house.

  • First,
    we listen

    Share with us your goals and ideas for us to better understand the space.
  • We start

    Our team will edit and render the prototype to your desires
  • We adjust

    We tweak our blueprints until you are satisfied with the sketch.
  • Production

    Upon approval, we will officially start production to realised your vision!

Carpentry & Design

We constantly challenge ourselves to go beyond the standards. At Beltiston, merging our unique creativity with technique is what sets us apart. We even welcome collaborators such as designers, contractors, and architects to join the process of custom building your idea to life.

  • WE USE 

    Proven Invisible Connectors

    No Glue, No Screws

    Low-VOC, Low Formaldehyde 


    Designers / Contractors / Architects

    We welcome collaborators to join the process